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AI play lab

We define our future STEM education is to train up flexible thinking hence to learn & play with AI.

Task based learning AI that youngsters learn include playing, teamwork, to be active, exploring and new experiences, meeting physical and mental challenges, though practicing to self-explore new things, find solution and having fun, that's the good way we believed to gain the deep understanding about AI.




Human Intelligence Exhibited by machines

such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.


An approach to Achieve Artificial Intelligence

A Technique for Implementing Machine Learning

AI LAB to enhance new learning experience in an interactive way to raise student

curiosity and interest.


Biology, for instance it is usually taught through textbooks, slides and drawings.

But some start ups like The Body VR are taking an immersive approach to education,

letting you travel the human body in person and actively interact with it instead of

just looking through images on a book.

AI LAB as interactive worlds that students can navigate at their leisure, marking a huge

design-shift for education as it proceeds to become more akin to entertainment than a

passive obligation. Now, concepts can become characters, “exercises” and “exams” can

be seamlessly embedded into worlds and storylines as activities, and students are free

to literally explore and immerse themselves in the subjects they’re learning.

Virtual Laboratory is an option for safe learning experience. Student can make some

experience without danger of chemical leak that can cause harm in real laboratory.

AI play lab feature


condensing content of textbook into a more digestible
 study experience in an attractive way


Monitoring student’s performance, behavioural Identification
 in real time

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 6.47.55 PM copy

AI LAB can monitor student’s answer to questions and help identify which concepts need to be retaught and provide real time feedback. AI systems can help grade in automate way.

AI LAB can identify behavioural pattern with the technology of human key point detection. By quickly locating and returning the 3D correspondence of each human keypoint, it can precisely detects human skeleton, behavioral modes and motions. A define certain movements and behaviors to adjust training content according to their needs. Besides the face recognition system in the classroom can identify different behaviour such as distraction behaviour.

AI play lab Space

High Flexibility. Durability. Changeable
Flexible classroom which is high adaptable for the fast changing of spacial usage to adopt different task & activities. Movable & portable equipments are important for the changeable lab.

AI play lab

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