Lai Yuen Super Summer 2016

Pauldesign serves as the main design management company in managing this year's Lai Yuen design and production. From spatial design to branding design, web design and interactive design, Pauldesign has provided the best service and made Lai Yuen as one of the most popular and famous events in Hong Kong. By introducing new games, elements and ideas to Lai Yuen team, Pauldesign has shown its creativity and passion in coordinating, designing and executing the master plan. Let's "jam" more new ideas together in the coming projects. 

Pacific Ace 

Since 1972, in an ever more interconnected world, Pacific Ace has fulfilled a simple mission: serving the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who power the economy of the Philippines. Pauldesign has been a good team member with Pacific Ace since 2014. From retail shops design to office design, branding design and website design, Pauldesign has put its greatest effort to make every design and production perfect. While the corporation between the two parties will continue and more creativity and ideas are expected to be seen.  

CIC Zero Carbon Building

Pauldesign serves as overall exhibition design consultant for Zero Carbon Building. We work closely with the architecture firm Ronald Lu & Partners Ltd on indoor and outdoor exhibition, eco-home, eco-office, multi-purpose hall, and eco-plaza. The exhibition covers 80+ cut-edge eco technologies and strategies used in ZCB including passive design, active system, and renewable energy.

HK is somehow falling behind as compared with some progressive cities like Seoul and Singapore in the eco architecture and construction aspect. In order to catch up with the best practice as an Asian World City or even surpass other completed examples, an inspiring, high-performance and iconic ZCB in HK is really necessary. The ZCB as the first one in Hong Kong has successfully achieve this goal by demonstrating how zero / low carbon buildings could meet the local, mainland China and global targets for green house gas (GHG) emissions and carbon intensity reduction to combat climate change, and contribute to the building sector for the sustainable future of our City and even the global village.


The estimated visitors of Zero Carbon Building per year are around 40,000 people. It inspires the practitioners with eco design and green technologies relevant to Hong Kong local context. It serves as a platform to exchange knowledge and bring up networking opportunities. Students and the general public will be educated to transform from high-carbon to low-carbon life style. 

Hap Mun Bay Beach Signage Design Project 

Hap Mun Bay Beach is a picturesque beach, located at the southern side of Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau) in Sai Kung District. Being a popular holiday destination, it offers clear water, silvery sand and is surrounded by wooded hills. It is the finest beach in Hong Kong in terms of water quality and scenic environment. It is a remarkable beach to swim and to enjoy the country park's scenery.

Buick Car Show 2013:

Exhibition Design with RFID EMS (Event Management System)

The Outstanding Young Persons Association (TOYPA) 40th Anniversary Dinner

Event Branding Design, Souvenir Design

Hong Kong Public Library eBook Roving Exhibition


Exhibition Design, Graphic Design

From 2 to 31 January 2019, you may download or browse 40 selected Chinese e-Books* without login to the library account. Click here to enjoy the e-Books. You may also visit our eReading Corners at 10 shopping malls from 5 to 31 January. Come to experience the joy of e-book reading and redeem a tiny gift!

Living & Digital @HKPC


Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, UX Design

Permanent exhibition for displaying the latest technology for supporting HK smart city. 

The LIVING and DIGITAL exhibitions presented by the HKPC display the transitional nature of technology as it shifts from the professions to every aspect of our daily lives. The exhibition showcases top of the line technology employed by our professionals in manufacturing and other behind-the-scenes industries such as Logistics and Testing in the DIGITAL space. In The LIVING space, we see how technology has permeated from industry into many aspects of our daily lives such as Medicine and Transport, even to how we sleep and entertain ourselves. The various technologies showcased at the HKPC are ALSO innovations by the HKPC, thus highlighting Hong Kong's very own technological talents.

Tai Po Water Treatment Works Exhibition Space


Interactive Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, UX Design

Permanent exhibition to showcase the scale, technological advances and the important role of Tai Po WTW in the provision of quality water supply services in Hong Kong.