Science Park - IoT Centre of Excellence


Established in April 2013, the Hong Kong Internet of Things Centre of Excellence (hereafter "The Centre") is hosted by GS1 Hong Kong with the support from the General Support Program administered by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government and the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation.


Job Nature




As a design consultant for GS1 and the centre, we aimed to catagorize and demonstrate the beneficial services that IoT provides to the public with spacial and outstanding brand identity design via divided it into five thematic and represenatative zones and areas with 40+ IoT applications– Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, Retail and Smart City. To create a completely brand-new site-seeing experience for visitors with different deliverables from Logo, brochures design to interior design and installation. The displays and applications demonstrated in each zone area showcases the versatility of Internet of Things (IoT)-related technologies in that particular area, allowing visitors “TOUCH & FEEL” and “SEE & BELIEVE” the power of IoT and how the innovative IoT applications make Smarter Business Better Life.



April 2013

Photos on site

Design items - letter, powerpoint slide, mobile app interface