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在时尚高端的购物中心进行品牌露出,充分体现品牌的高端形象,提升知名度。通过与 高端音响品牌 联合 品牌专卖店的形式,共同推动零售市场,增加销量。港汇店将成为天龙&KEF旗舰店的设计模板,将此模式推广到全国天龙&KEF专卖店。

To raise reputation by showing the brand in the high-end fashion shopping centre, which in turns fully embodies the brand's high-end image. To increase sales through the form where high-end audio brands joint with brand stores, which promote retail markets. The store in Grand Gateway will become the design templates of Denon & KEF's flagship store. Ultimately, this mode will spread to all the flagship stores in thw whole country.



Photos of the booth

Denon & DM Group


Photos of the booth

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First, click the icons to preview the Music. Then, the button will enlarge. If you want to play with this music, click it again to start the game. If not, click outside the button, and click others to preview.

6. After the screen was captured, it will jump out a message “Shared”. Then the application will jump back to the first screen.

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