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Smart Store Concept

Nowadays, most of the consumers now own more devices and they spending more of their time on the devices anywhere, anytime.
That made online shopping more and more familiar to consumers and become a new shopping behaviour. However, the physical shopping experience still hard to replace by online platform, consumers desire the hand on experience though physical check out the texture and quality of end products. Here comes to the Online to Offline Retails experience (O2O) and a "SMART" store concept.





Existing Shopping Pattern


Traditional shopping experience is a dynamic control & operation method, the service quality depends on the shop keepers & customers behaviour.

It may cause unfriendly procedure to both operation term and consumers.

Smart Shopping Experience SSE


From research on existing store, the two biggest online shopping platform Amazon and Alibaba both have launch an experimental physical smart store, the Amazon Go (an unmanned store) and Alibaba T Malls Pop up store. The below summarized the existing technology and application on the shopping experience.

Smart Store Flow​


Smart Store solution is mixing the online & offline shopping experience to convenience both consumers and business operator. Consumers can explore the latest updates and shop easily anytime anywhere. Business Operator can easy monitor the shops and manage the business plan through the data collected. 

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