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Hap Mun Bay Beach Signage Design Project 


Completion: October 2013

Hap Mun Bay Beach is a picturesque beach, located at the southern side of Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau) in Sai Kung District. Being a popular holiday destination, it offers clear water, silvery sand and is surrounded by wooded hills. It is the finest beach in Hong Kong in terms of water quality and scenic environment. It is a remarkable beach to swim and to enjoy the country park's scenery.

The  basic element of the design theme is based on the name of the beach. The shape of the half moon has been reconnected to the basic geometry of the circle divided in two half. 


In continuity with the design theme, a set of illustrative pictograms has been created starting from the shape of the circle. They have been used in different applications to explain some of the contents featured in the signage system on the beach in a funny and easy way.

Photos of the site

Design items

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