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Living @ HKPC - 3D innovation management to 5D data of smart city model

Exhibition design & exhibits visual communication design


Smart City AR Display
- explore the future smart city around, from white model to an virtual city model.


Digital @ HKPC - 4D digital transformation to Live show of enterprise 4.0

Exhibition design, lighting & UX design &  exhibits visual communication design


AR Display of Digitalise the Production Process

A Show of

Industry 4.0 to Enterprise 4.0

The LIVING and DIGITAL exhibitions presented by the HKPC display the transitional nature of technology as it shifts from the professions to every aspect of our daily lives. The exhibition showcases top of the line technology employed by our professionals in manufacturing and other behind-the-scenes industries such as Logistics and Testing in the DIGITAL space. In The LIVING space, we see how technology has permeated from industry into many aspects of our daily lives such as Medicine and Transport, even to how we sleep and entertain ourselves. The various technologies showcased at the HKPC are ALSO innovations by the HKPC, thus highlighting Hong Kong's very own technological talents.

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