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Risa Janamoto
Spatial Designer

With a soild background in interior design, exhibition design and spatial design, Risa, a Bachelor holder of Environmental & Interior Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, was one of the main designer in the key projects of Pauldesign such as Zero Carbon Building Exhibition, EMSD Energy and Sustainable Center, Internet of Things Excellence Center. 


Spatial design emphasis the discipline of covering a variety of scales, from detailed design of interior spaces to large regional strategies, upon working with people and space, particularly looking at the notion of place, also place identity and genius loci. Risa mainly focuses upon the flow of space between interior and exterior environments both in the private and public realm to generate design solutions for clients and uses research methods as well as social and historical methods that help with the identification and determination of place.

Manki Lai
Brand Designer

Manki, graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a BS(Hons) in Social Sciences in Communication-Cinema & Television major minor in Visual Arts, has more than 2 years experience in graphic design, visual communication, illustration, video editing.


More than just a graphic designer but as a visual communicator, Manki has presented her intellectual ideas with visual messages accompany text and expressing imposing designs with sense of beauty and simplicity through the key design projects over the years in Pauldesign such as EMSD Energy and Sustainable Center, Shek Kip Mei Exhibition Center, Yeller HiFi Festival Shenzhen, and Caretron Showroom, etc.

Ray Lam
Graphic Designer

As a skillful and self-organising graphic designer, Ray has been managed with different design project by holding face-to-face meeting with clients and taking core responsibility of his job to present solutions in a way that is both accessible and memorable to fulfil clients' needs.


He strongly in using various methods to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. With more than 3 years experience in graphic design and visual communication, he was involved in the design projects of Shek Kip Mei Exhibition Center, Evonik Beijing Exhibition Center, Yeller HiFi Festival Shenzhen, Total Design Center, etc.

Eato Lau
Interaction Designer

Creative Media is all about human creativity responding to the technological, social and environmental challenges of our time. By experiencing and thinking in new ways, Eato, a local fresh-graduate in the twenty-first century, has the passion in providing services to clients with a dynamic and responsible context for innovation in a digital world.


Eato has 3 years experience in interaction and IT industry. He has participated in the design projects of Denon Exhibition Center in Beijing Mac World, Hong Kong Internet of Things Excellence Center, Evonik Shanghai Exhibition Center, Buick Car Show in Qingdao, etc.


He specialised in combining digital solutions in the creative processes, including video, sound, photography, storytelling, game design, animation, computer graphics, installation, and interactive digital media production while he was completing his BSc in Creative Media, being able to bridge the gap between the technical and astistic sides of the media field with latest computing and media technologies in the creation of various media including computer games, animation and special effects, sound, wireless and mobile media, and internet applications.



Mickey Zhang
Design Research support

Mickey, worked as a part-time researcher in Pauldesign for nearly 2 years while she received her MDes in Design Practices. With a bold passion in exploring the field of design thinkning and practice, encouraging her to continue in learning and becoming a current student in PhD in Design Practices at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 


As a designer researcher retains a sense of generality, Mickey aimed at understanding and improving design processes and practices quite broadly, concerned with the context of designing and research-based design practice.rather than developing domain-specific knowledge within any professional field of design. 

Riga Hon
Admin Officer

Our office offers comprehensive and administrative services to clients with high-levels of management and planning skills. Riga, a cadre of multi-skilled professional administrators who play a key role in Pauldesign, proficient in administrative management, communication, leadership responsibilities, coordination, daily administration and long-term planning to ensure the internal operations and business functions are happening the way that they should. This is somehow a way to gives an interesting perspective into how a lot of different things run and operate.



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