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Shure - Jakarta International Java Jazz festival

Exhibition and Interactive Design

Completion: February 2014

Photos of the site

The interactive design for Shure Music Booth is for the celebration of Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2014. The interactive game of microphone is designed to let visitors learn about the different models of Shure microphones. and the interactive game of "Hundred Years of Shure" is to provide a fun way for users to learn about its history.


The two interactive games for "Shure Music Booth" was one of the highlights of the exhibition that was well-received by the visitors. They made it fun for visitors to learn about the legendary milestone of Shure particularly of its microphone development, and history of the company. As visitors picked up a microphone, information will display onto the screen and more bokeh radiances to feature the microphone for a more aesthetic effect. And when visitors select the disks from the "Hundred Years of Shure", different jazz songs would be played to continue the jazz mood as they read about the history.

Interactive game - Microphone information

The interactive game of microphones information is an Android application package file used with 3 Shure microphone sensors. When one of the microphones is picked up and shaked, the sensor then signals to the application and brings on the bokeh effects in the background.  

Interactive game - Hundred Years of Shure

The interactive game of "Hundred Years of Shure" can be used by both Adobe AIR application and Android. It is an interactive timeline for smart tablets and touchscreens using simple finger gestures. Jazz music will be played when a particular disk is selected.

Impact in Asia 

Shure is an American audio product company, and by particpating at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival allowed them to outreach to jazz fans particularly in the Indonesian market. With our interactive games, jazz fans attending this booth not only get to learn about Shure the fun way but also continue to enjoy jazz as lifestyle.


Commercial and Societal Success 

The interactive games proved to be value-adding to Shure. As a brand with 100 years of history, it showed the brand is yet up to date with techology but also has a human touch. Visitors get to interact and learn about the brand through play and reportedly found it a highlight to the entire show and made it memorable. The games was a great way to further promote the booth and brand, both onsite and offsite.


The games are also a good example of glocalization. With considerations of the end users' experience, the interface is has a simple and universal interface. However, the language, artwork and music of the interactives can all be changed and modified easily according to the location and audience of different events, while the it continues to showcase the international success of Shure.

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