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Construction Industry Council - Zero Carbon Building

Interface and signage design

Pauldesign has served as an Exhibition Design Consultant for Zero Carbon Building. We are proud to have worked closely with the architecture firm Ronald Lu & Partners Ltd on indoor and outdoor exhibition, eco-home, eco-office, multi-purpose hall, and eco-plaza. The exhibition covers 80+ cutting-edge eco technologies and equipment adopted in ZCB, including passive design, active system, and renewable energy. 

During the past few years, Hong Kong is still lagging behind Asian countries like Korea and Singapore in developing eco eco architecture and construction. In order to spruce up an Asia’s World City image, an inspiring, high-performance and iconic ZCB in HK is necessary. 

As an initial unveiling eco building in Hong Kong, ZCB has successfully achieved its goal by demonstrating how zero / low carbon buildings could meet the local, China and global targets for green house gas (GHG) emissions and carbon intensity reduction to combat climate change, and ultimately contribute to the Buildings and Constructions sectors for a more vibrant and sustainable future in Hong Kong, and even the world. 

It is estimated that the number of visitors to ZCB will be around 40,000 people per year. ZCB deploys different green building technologies to further demonstrate a sustainable way of living that can be adopted by the public and promote a green-living philosophy for low carbon home locally. Most importantly, students and public are educated the possibility of transitioning low and zero-carbon living styles from novelty to the norm.

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